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Zebedee Parkes

Activist photographer, writer and award winning filmmaker





Welcome to my little street corner of the internet.

At a young age I developed a passion for storytelling, images and social justice.

I’ve been covering political activism through film, photographs and words since I walked out of highschool for a protest in 2007.

I’ve worked for NGO’s, progressive media organisations and pursued my own projects.

In 2015, in my final year of university, I directed the documentary For My Friends in Detention about why refugee activism is important to people on both sides of the fences. It has gone onto screen at festivals around the world and win awards.

Here you will find a portfolio of my media activism from the past decade, projects I’m working on, photo prints and zines you can buy, media services I offer and more.

I hope you will find this site inspiring and useful.

Viva la Revolution

Zebedee Parkes



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Six years too long

Refugee rights activists rallied in Sydney on July 20 calling on the government to close the camps and evacuate Manus Island and Nauru. July 19