I bring live updates, photos and video from the front lines of protests. Including refugee rights convergences to remote detention centers, occupations, direct action at mining sites and mass street mobilisations.

Helping to give voice to people the mainstream media often silences. Telling the activist narrative. Creating media that aims to inspire people to get active.

This costs money to do.

Rupert Murdoch and the Australian government sure isn’t offering me anything.

They give people millions in grants and donations to anti-refugee films. Whilst simultaneously cutting the last scraps of public money away from film funding bodies.

I need your help to keep telling the counter narrative to the corporate propaganda machine.

Any donations you give me will go directly back into creating activist media.

Some of the costs include:

•  Travel
•  Adobe Creative Cloud
•  Internet data, so I can get photos online asap
• Hard drives
• Camera gear, stuff needs to be replaced or fixed

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