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At 16 I walked out of highschool for a protest.

At 19 I’d made my first documentary. It was the story of a group of refugee rights activists who traveled to a remote detention centre.

I’ve always had a passion for social justice, stories and a belief that mass social movements are the key to change.  

Activist storytelling, art and media can have a transformative effect on social movements.

When connected to and developed within movements and communities it can:

• Shine a light on oppression
• Uncover corruption.
• Give a voice to people and communities who have been marginalised and silenced.
• Inspire people to get and stay active.
• Envision an alternative to the current system we live in.

New ways and more accessible technology to create, distribue and fund projects is leading to new and exciting opportunities to build our movements.

I have considerable experience in this field having worked for Aboriginal media organisations, activist publications and pursuing my own projects including directing the award winning short documentary For My Friends in Detention.

I’ve being featured in exhibitions, had articles published, won awards and had a film screened at festivals around the world.

Often operating as a one man band and traveling light I’ve covered some of Australia’s most significant campaigns and protests over the past decade. These include:

• The protest against the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth;
• the protest and alternative conference during the G20 summit in Brisbane;
• the Lizards Revenge protest and festival against Uranium mining in South Australia;
• the Kimberley No Gas hub campaign;
• convergences to some of Australia’s most remote refugee detention centres;
• The Equal Marriage campaign;
• March in March;
• Frontline Action on Coal in Newcastle convergence; and
• Save Sydney College of the Arts, one of the longest student occupations in Australia’s history.

My photos and videos have been used by numerous social justice organisations including Stop Adani, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, the CFMMEU and GetUp!.

I offer media services to social justice and environmental organisations. I specialise in live event and documentary filming, photography and editing. I’m comfortable working in a team or solo.

Currently I’m producing Green Left Weekly’s Activist Report whilst scrapping for cash to keep covering Sydney’s many protests. It’s an exciting city to live in when your an activist media creator.

Recently I published my first zine, a collection of photos I’ve taken of the campaign to end coal. It’s pretty inspiring looking back at the strides the campaign has made over the past few years.

Now I’m working on one  about the refugee rights campaign whilst beginning my first feature documentary.


Activist Report producer

  Begun producing Green Left Weekly’s Activist Report.


Feature writer

Wrote numerous features and investigative reports on refugee rights issues and the campaign for Green Left Weekly.



Conferene organiser

Was an organiser for the Radical Ideas conference, Australia’s largest youth socialist conference.


January 1, 2017

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January 1, 2017

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January 1, 2018